I was logged in for a short time yesterday, and I had a wonderful session with a cocksucking sissy who wanted more than just her red painted lips wrapped around her favorite very large black dildo! She also wanted me to guide her playing and stroking and tickling her clit. She was so cute, calling it deformed (in her best girlish voice) because instead of it being a normal clitty like a button, it was about three inches long. At first she was very embarrassed, but then I reminded her that it was just more to play with! And then I showed her how.

First, with just her white gloved fingertips, tracing up and down the underside from her nuttlets to her tip, then tracing round the button head, then using two gloved fingers on the sides to slide back down to the base of her clit. Over and over. Again and again. All while she knelt on her pretty stocking covered knees next to the coffee table where she had that dildo suction cupped in place.

I love the sounds that come out of a filled cocksuckers mouth. The muffled moans and incoherent begging for more! The wet sound as they pick of speed and feed the cock deeper and deeper down their throats! LOL!

I am positive that my poor dear yesterday must have had quite a pool of slobber and spit on her coffee table to clean up when she was finished! Not to mention the fact that when her little clitty finally made a mess all over her white glove, I made her take it off and stuff it in her poor used mouth, sore jaw and all, and suck all her cum out of it. Then I made her put it back on gave her a list of chores, and homework.

Sissys must be kept busy after all! They are always so easily distracted with the feelings inside their panties and tight pussies that their time must always be carefully monitored!

And if you are a sissy, then you obviously know that!!

Remember, no stroking or playing or petting or humping or rubbing without permission!!!

Mistress Lauren


I had a delightful day today instructing one of my sissys on the proper way I like my home to be cleaned. The list of chores I had written up last night for Sissy Jessie was quite long, but I knew with the right incentive she would be up for the challenge of getting everything done in the amount of time that I demanded of her.My day started out perfect with Sissy Jessie arriving at my door promptly at 9:00am dressed in her pink and black satin maid uniform. With the lace choker, layers of petticoats under the short black satin skirt, her black rhumba panties with pink ruffles peeking out, the black stockings with pink bows at the tops and the perfectly pretty pink patent leather mary janes she was a vision of pink and black sissy maid perfection. As soon as she stepped past the threshold she gave a perfect curtsy then kissed the backs of my hands which shows me her sissy maid training is coming along very nicely.

Once those niceties were completed I led her to my Queen Anne style chair just inside the living room and instructed her to bend over the back of it and put her hands in the seat so she would be in the perfect position for me to check to make sure she had not only completed her sissy douching, but that she also had her inflatable plug in her ass pussy as well.

Once I had pulled her panties to her knees I reached into the drawer in the small table beside the chair and pulled out the bulb and tubing that fits the plug, firmly pressed the connector into the base, and slowly started to inflate the plug nestled inside her bottom. At just three pumps of the bulb Sissy Jessie started to push her bottom toward me which earned her a sharp and stinging slap on her right ass cheek which settled her down. . . for a few moments at least! By the time I was finished with ten more pumps she was squirming, her breath was huffing in and out of her lungs and the little mewling sounds coming from her mouth were like music to my ears.

After removing the tubing (the valve in the base of the plug keeps air from escaping until the tubing is once again attached) I stepped over to the mantle, picked up the small leather paddle, and walked back over to once again be standing behind my bare bottomed, quivering, plugged up little sissy maid.

After five warm up swats to each of sissy Jessies ass cheeks, I increased the strength with every blow, laughing when I saw how my sissy was humping her hips, trying to rub her swollen and stiff clitty against the back of the chair. Finally I had worked up to the loud sharp crack of the final meeting of ass flesh and leather with the count of forty and I stood back to admire the glowing red cheeks before me.

“Thank you Mistress Lauren” came Sissy Jessies breathy voice, which brought another laugh out of me. It was a genuine ‘thank you’ after all. I know how much she loves to have a hot and sensitive ass when she gets started on her chores for me!

“Panties up and kneel, dear” I said to her. She stood, and I could see her slightly shaking hands as she reached down to pull her pretty panties up, being careful of how the inside stitching of the ruffles rubbed against her sore ass cheeks. As soon as she was finished with that, she immediately knelt down before me and pressed her lips to my toes and the tops of me feet, delivering small little kisses between more breathy little thank yous.

After a few moments I finally told her to crawl to the dining room where her chore list was waiting for her on the table and I watched as she got to her hands and knees and carefully crawled to the other room so she wouldn’t put a run in her stockings. I admit that one of the things that amuses me about her is how conscience she always is about her appearance.

I will post more about how my day went with Sissy Jessie later. For now I have things to do but I will talk with you all later!

Mistress Lauren
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