Here is the next installment of what happened the day that Sissy Maid Jessie came to my home to learn to clean MY way.


I admit that one of the things that amuses me about her is how conscience she always is with her appearance. The barrettes in her carefully styled wig are always painstakingly put in, her bright red lipstick applied just heavy enough to say ’slut’ without pushing all the way to ‘whore’. Shoes shined. Never a run in her stockings. Yes, she not only irons her dresses she irons her panties before she puts them on!! So to see her crawling on the floor so carefully is very amusing to me.

When sissy reached the dining room table she poked her head up just high enough to be able to see and grab the list that was waiting for her. I guess I should rephrase that. It wasn’t a simple list as much as it was a booklet. And by the way I saw her shoulders droop a bit she had just figured out that it was going to be a very busy day.

“Sissy Jessie, to the front door now!” I ordered her, knowing that she would still have to continue crawling until I gave her permission to stand.

“Your chores for the day begin here at the front door. Look at your list and you will see that it is carefully created to take you around the house in an organized manner.”

“yes Mistress, thank you” was her only response as I knew it would be. Though the careful dressing, enema and plugging, paddle and my tone of voice all work together to bring her to the right sissy head space, I knew that she was still working inside her mind to drop that last small shred of male ego which she always fights. So I allowed her a few moments to collect herself.

“I will be in the dining room promptly at noon for my lunch which you will serve to me. I want chicken fettuccine with broccoli, a salad and the pino grigio in the wine cupboard. All the ingredients are there and the recipe for the fettuccine is in the small recipe box on the counter.”

I waited for her to acknowledge my instruction, and she finally did, saying “yes mistress, it will be my pleasure to prepare and serve your lunch at noon today”.

I laughed at her, a chuckle really, because I knew she was damn near useless in the kitchen. It had taken me three tries to finally get her to make an acceptable pot of coffee! As for tea, I will not let her anywhere near the pot just yet as tea is more than just a beverage, it is an experience to be enjoyed.

“I will be in my office working so do not disturb me if you have petty childish questions.”

And with that final word to her I walked off. At that point I think she had a small idea of how hard her day was going to be, but still no real clue.

The long chore list I had made for her was meant to confuse her. Meant to make her question. Some items were clearly listed out with every minute detail on how to do the task, while some were not as well defined and had no or minimal instruction.

By the end of the day Sissy Jessie would be in a dither and her normally well put together appearance would be showing definite signs of stress. But that is all in a days servitude to your Mistress!!!

Part 3 of Sissy Jessie’s cleaning day will be coming soon dears, so do check back!

Mistress Lauren
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Hello to one and all of you!

My apologies for not being able to log on for a few weeks, the reason is because I have been sick. First with the flu which then turned into pneumonia, but I am finally beginning to feel better and I will begin logging in again tomorrow, 12/01/07.

I will be the first to admit that I HATE being sick, though thankfully I do not get ill very often, and there were quite a few times over these last weeks that I could have used one or more of you sissys out there to help with the house work, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and of course to bring me tea and soup. There were also a few times when I would have loved having a slave nearby with his ass presented for me to take a flogger to. Then I would have bound up his cock and balls, cuffed his wrists behind his back, made use of the new black rubber ball gag between his teeth, and I would have put him in a corner so I could enjoy the sight of someone suffering (though in a different way) with me, because as we all know, misery loves company! Ahhh. The fevered dreams of a Mistress!!

I look forward to taking flogger in hand and seeing the beautiful red stripes on your ass and thighs! Human candy cane anyone? LOL!!!

Mistress Lauren

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