tiny little dinky dicks! What is it about small dicks that make us just have to look and laugh? Some are just smaller than average, and since the average size dick is 5″, that leaves a lot to be desired! But the truly tiny ones are pathetic little imprints on the eye and mind that just never leave. Almost like a car wreck. You don’t want to look, but your eyes go to it almost without your permission, and you can’t look away till it is taken from your line of site.

Personally, I love small little cocks. They are fun to laugh at, play with, and make fun of. So there is a person attached to the poor little thing and their feelings might get hurt. Who cares? LOL If you have a small little dick, you are used to hearing laughter by now! Small dick humiliation. It’s a hobby and an art!

I also love doing guided masturbation sessions with those miniature pricks. So funny and fun to watch as a guy tries to get his fingers around it just right so he can actually stroke it. Usually all he can do is surround the small thing with his fist and just kind of hump his hand, because if he tries to go up and down, it will just fall out of his grip. hehehehe Entertainment for me. . . and you are putting on the show!

So bring your little dinky dick to me to laugh at. No really! I don’t mind!!! ROFL!

Mistress Lauren
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  1. Hi, i read your blog “Tiny Little Dinky Dicks!”. Well have one of those and uncircumsized. Im a virgin too. Im sick os jerking it every night. Can you help? Email me plz

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